Pistol cartridge 5,45х18
Pistol cartridge 5,45х18
Warranty 5 years
Caliber 5,45x18
Bullet mass, g. 2,45 - 2,9
Bullet length, mm 14,0 - 14,3
Cartridge mass, g 4,65 - 5,17
Cartridge length, mm 24,5 - 25,0
Average bullet velocity, V10, m/s 310 - 325
Powder pressure, P max.avg MPa < 127,5
Quantity in box (case) 36/1080
Case weight, kg 6.0
Case gross weight, kg Да
The cartridge 5.45x18 is used for sporting and training pistol shooting in shooting galleries and ranges. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions at the temperature range  from -50 °С to +50 °С. The cartridge case is  bottleshaped with non-projecting flange. The cartridge complies with CIP requirements.
B.C. (G1) = 0.15
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